GMC Teachers as Fonts


Anna Chebowski, Blazefeed Editor

GMC Teachers as Fonts


Do you ever think about what font type to use while writing something? Do you have a signature font that you use? Can people connect a font to your face? Well, here are some fonts that fit GMC teachers, whether it be their personality or actual handwriting.


Math teachers generally have sharp, legible handwriting because they consistently work with numbers (in my household, we call it “engineering handwriting”). Mr. Frans having the Courier New font just fits.


(Mr. Fitzgerald)

Most history teachers I’ve had have scribbles for handwriting, and Mr. Fitz fits with the Redacted font.


Unlike Mr. LaPoe, Mr. Gallion has somewhat legible handwriting. The Combo font is similar to his normal handwriting, so I saw it fit.


Mr. Cook is sharp and formal, and for being an English teacher, he almost always uses Times New Roman. His being Times New Roman just fits.


In Senior Project, Ms. Earle always uses Cambria for every assignment. I can’t imagine her as any other font.


Libre Baskerville is a fancier font similar to Times New Roman. Mr. Lowman is quite fancy and respectable, which makes Libre Baskerville a good fit.



As an art teacher, Ms. Perez has a mix of fancy and messy handwriting. The Inspiration font fits perfectly with Ms. Perez’s style.


Ms. Rouse has some of the best handwriting of all of the teachers at GMC. The Dr. Sugiyama font looks similar to her handwriting and is a good match for her.


Ms. Sawicki also has one of the cleanest handwriting, but her signature is notably one of the prettiest I’ve seen. While there isn’t a perfect replica of her signature, the Lavishly Yours font is really close.