I Love My Boyfriend, Just Not Valentine’s Day


Madi Wilkerson, Co-Managing Editor

Last year, I published an article, titled Valentine’s Day, about why I felt like Valentine’s Day is a holiday with no true value, except for companies.

The National Retail Federation says that 52% of consumers plan to celebrate and spend an average of $192.80 on Valentine’s Day; this is a revenue builder for companies. Some retail industries have higher sales boosts than others, the top 5 industries being candy, greeting cards, flowers, dates, and jewelry. Date nights can get up to $4.3 billion at 32% of consumer sales, with the average of each consumer spending around $137. Jewelry racks up $3.9 billion at 21% of consumer sales. The flower industry gets $1.9 billion at 37% of consumer sales. Candy averages $1.8 billion at 57% of consumer sales. Finally, gift and greeting cards reach $1.2 billion at 40% of consumer sales.

Love languages also come into play during Valentine’s Day. You may want to surprise your partner with a gift or a date or even just a sweet note, these are all good ideas, but do you know if it would make them happy? A good step to take, especially when in a relationship, is to take a Love Language Quiz. This will help you to understand you and your partner better and how to make them feel loved.

Some may argue that any holiday is a way for companies to gain revenue, but showing affection should be an everyday thing and not just a once-a-year thing, and not every holiday relates to love as Valentine’s does. The best part of Valentine’s Day is getting to connect to the people you love and admire more, so take this February 14th to go the extra step and make your people feel a little more love than normal, tell them you appreciate them. 

Remember, like I said last year, love is forever, not something you should only show on the day when a tiny man in a diaper is holding a bow and arrow. 

Happy (early) Valentine’s to my boyfriend, Brady!


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